How To Get a Causal Therapist

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The Twelve Greatest Mistakes Therapists Make

  1. Practicing therapy when you are not healthy is not fair to your client—license or no license.
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How to Make a Killer

Excerpted from The Manual by Dr. Faye Snyder

Criminologist Lonnie Athens offers the most detailed description of the childhood experiences that lead to creating violent criminals. He breaks down the necessary ingredients into three main stages in which the drive to kill is ultimately…

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The Incurable Schizophrenic by Bertram P. Karon

Mr. X, a schizophrenic, was evaluated by all his psychiatrists as “incurable” after several years of unsuccessful outpatient and two months of inpatient treatment, both with medications. Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) was strongly but pessimistically recommended. He was not eating, not sleeping, and continuously…

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ADD Policy Letter by Dr. Tom Ryan

Dear Parent,

After much consideration, I have decided to no longer prescribe stimulant drugs for the management of ADD/ADHD. Instead, I will be implementing a more comprehensive but necessary approach to help you and your child overcome this complex, confusing, and overly-used diagnosis.

We will focus on family and educational dynamics contributing to your child’s behavior, and hopefully…

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I Am Adam Lanza’s Therapist

By Dr. Faye Snyder,
Psychologist, marriage and family therapist and forensic evaluator


Less than one week before 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook…

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Confidentiality and Secrecy

When you do therapy with me, my trainers, interns, other causal therapists or any other therapist, for that matter, you are entitled to confidentiality. Our licensing requires it. Causal therapists, especially, wish to provide it. Nevertheless, there are limits to the confidentiality I offer. Read more

No Blaming Allowed

Of all my work, I find the most difficult concept to teach is “no blaming.” I have often seen that those who initially nod in agreement later will be the ones to assert that it doesn’t apply to them or their circumstances. In the following “No-Blame Contract”, I attempt to cover all the bases and respond to all the arguments I have heard to justify blaming. Read more

What Is the Causal Theory?

The Causal Theory is a progressive theory of personality development based upon cause and effect. It assumes that personality and behavior, including and especially adult behavior, result from childhood experiences beginning from birth, and perhaps even in utero.

By definition, it cannot coexist with other theories grounded in genetics. It does not maintain that genes are responsible for creating personality or behavior, but rather that experience is the predominant and only relevant determining factor.

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